Sep 18, 2008

Coffee Coordinator

Christ Lutheran VailVolunteer Job Description
Position Title: Coffee Coordinator Responsible to: Assigned BOMD
Key Objective: To assure coffee and other beverages are available for congregation for fellowship after service and some special events/services.  
Average Time Commitment: One Sunday per month, approximately 2 hours per Sunday.  Length of Service: 6 months
Qualifications: Should be able to arrive by 7:15 to 7:30 to begin preparation.   Should be able to lift approximately 50 pounds or other setup people should be able to assist.   Basic knowledge of coffee brewing.  
General Duties (Required for all volunteers): 1. Attend all volunteer meetings2. Discuss any questions with supervisor.3. Arrange for coverage with supervisor.4. Attend trainings on the position and related subjects as offered.  
Specific Duties for the Position: 1. Remove brewing and other containers from storage shed.2. Take equipment to back of kitchen, custodian will have open.3. Fill large percolator with 80 cups of water, put 6 cups of coffee grounds in strainer basket, and put lid on, plug in, press ON button.   Fill second small percolator with 30 cups of water, put on lid, plug in separate outlet and let perk for hot tea/cocoa water.4.  While brewing go out to refreshment tables, finish set up with two tables, tablecloths, four plastic drip cups, sugar, creamers, napkins, stirrers, cups, money container.  Pitchers for ice water fill in kitchen with ice and water bring back out when coffee is ready.5. Allow approximately one hour for brewing, when red light is on it is complete, unplug, place brown 5 gallon Cambro container under pot and drain contents into, seal.   Clean up kitchen area, including grounds, pots, etc.   The kitchen MUST be left as you found it.   All equipment must be removed before service no later than 8:30 as custodian will lock back area.6. Place on cart and take out to serving area.7. After fellowship, approximately 10:45, pour out all remaining liquids outside by tree, clean up area, return all items to container, and return to storage shed.    

Training/Resources Available: Board of Ministry Director

Measure of Success: Great fellowship time for congregation and visitors!!!  
Benefits: Better interaction with the congregation and getting to know people!!  

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