Sep 28, 2008

Elvis has left the building

After his concerts, thousands of adoring Elvis fans would wait in hopeful anticipation of seeing the King of Rock n Roll one more time.   At the Elvis concert on December 15th, 1956, Horace Logan was frustrated.   The crowd was waiting for Elvis to come back on stage for an encore.   There were other acts that night and Logan wanted the crowd to sit down.   "Please, young people", Horace pleaded over the sound system. "Elvis had left the building.   He has gotten in his car and driven away.   Please, take your seats".


I guess if Elvis is gone, you don't need to keep standing.   If Elvis is gone you probably don't even need to wait for other acts.   He was a bit of a show-stopper.   Over time, the phrase has come to mean that it's over.   Elvis has left the building.


Houston Oilers coach Jerry Glanville is credited with popularizing the term.   (Maybe he was at the Elvis concert.)   When his team was assured of victory he would say, "Elvis has left the building".


But Elvis really left the building one last time in 1977.   He was 42 years old.   After a brief moment, this shining star was no more.   He left a legacy of 23 years and millions of adoring fans.   Fame took its toll on The King.


Soon afterwards, the rumors began.  "Elvis is not dead". "He wanted to get out of the public eye and so faked his own death".    Conspiracy theorists poured over newspaper accounts, clippings, FBI files, books, photographs and even DNA reports. Every contradicting piece of information was fuel for the fire.   Adoring fans had hope.


It was hope enough to spawn a museum. In 1990, Bill Beeny opened the "Elvis is Alive"  museum in Wright City, Missouri.   Andy Key purchased the museum in 2005 and moved it to Hattiesburg, Mississippi where it operates today.   But you gotta ask yourself.     At what point does this whole conspiracy theory become a moot point?   If Elvis is alive, he's 73 years old!   In forty-three years he will have outlived the oldest person alive today.   At some point the museum will become, well...  a museum.   I think Andy Key figured this out and so the museum was up for sale on Ebay in 2007.   Last week, it went on sale again.   Maybe we could talk the owners of  "The Thing"  to purchase it.   Elvis and Aliens.   It has alliterative qualities.


No, Elvis is dead.   He left the building.   His only hope now is in the One who has power over death.   That One is Jesus.




Pastor David Hook

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