Sep 18, 2008

Head Usher

Christ Lutheran VailVolunteer Job Description
Position Title: Head UsherResponsible to: BOMD assigned to Ushers
Key Objective: Lead a team of people to operate an effective ushering system for worship services and special events.    
Average Time Commitment: 1 hour per worship service or special event  Length of Service: Rotate every other month, for a one year commitment.   Special events as needed.
Qualifications: Servant-hood attitude, knowledge of basic facility resources, some leadership qualities, commitment to excellence.  
General Duties (Required for all volunteers): 1. Arrive at facility 30 minutes before each service.2. Provide latest instructions, if any, to team members as they arrive.3. Find all equipment.      a. Ushers and Head Usher name tags.      b. Offering plates.      c.  Bulletins, attendance cards, flyers, etc.       d.   Children drawing pads, crayons, etc.4. Do a quick cleanup of the Narthex if necessary5. Place Altar flowers on the flower stands 6. Assist acolyte with the lighting of the candle lighter and instruction on how to use it.7. When the prelude begins, approximately 5 minutes prior to the service, please close the         doors to sanctuary.8. Record worship attendance collective by ushers.9. During the last hymn, open the sanctuary doors     a. Be prepared to answer basic questions like:               i. Direction to a phone, classrooms, restrooms and choir room.             ii. Time and place of Bible Studies and Group Meetings.           iii. Time and place of Special Events.10. Bring the offering plates to the financial secretary.            
Specific Duties for the Position: 1.See How-to-Guide for Ushers    
Training/Resources Available: 1.See How-to-Guide for Ushers          
Measure of Success:            
Benefits: Take part in Thanksgiving and serve Him with your God-given talents.  

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