Sep 18, 2008

Hospitality Coordinator

Christ Lutheran VailVolunteer Job Description
Position Title: Hospitality CoordinatorResponsible to: BOMD
Key Objective: The fellowship time after Sunday morning services is an integral part of the cohesiveness and culture of the congregation.   The Hospitality Coordinator oversees the host/hostesses in providing refreshments, organizes the volunteers for the activity and maintains necessary supplies.  
Average Time Commitment: 3-4 hours a month; 1st, 4th and occasional 5th Sunday and some special events.  Length of Service: 1 year
Qualifications: 1. Organizational skills, 2. Flexibility, 3. Hospitality skills, 4. Motivational skills.  
General Duties (Required for all volunteers): 1. Attend all volunteer meetings.2. Discuss any questions with supervisor.3. Arrange for coverage when needed with supervisor.4. Attend trainings on the position and related subjects as offered.  
Specific Duties for the Position: 1. Schedule Host/Hostesses (at least 2) for each Sunday (1st, 4th and 5th) and more for events.     a.   A schedule is kept by the treat table for sign ups.     b.   Congregation members will be called by the coordinator if not enough sign ups.2.   Reminder phone calls for those who sign up, usually on Thursday or Friday with a message left and request to call the coordinator if they are unable to host.3.   Check on supplies   a.   Extra cookies for set up crew.   b.   Napkins, cups, etc. (coffee and drinks are done by Coffee Coordinator)4.   Ensure that cleanup is sufficient and supplies are put away.   a.   Tablecloths need to be taken home for laundering once a month.   b.   Ensure that tableclothes, supplies, etc. are put away in the cabinet. (Hosts can be trained in this function.) 5.   Order food for special events, such as baptisms, Church anniversary, confirmation, LWiM birthday.   a.   Usually a cake from Safeway (reimbursable expense.)   b.   Arrange for or pick up cake.  

Training/Resources Available: Board of Ministry Directors

Measure of Success: People stay after the service.  
Benefits: Get to know the congregation as they file by; Creates a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  

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