Sep 18, 2008

Phone Communication System Administrator

Christ Lutheran VailVolunteer Job Description
Position Title: Communication System AdministratorResponsible to: BOMD assigned
Key Objective:  Control and maintain operation of the One Call Communicative System  
Average Time Commitment: 30 minutes a day.  Length of Service: 1 year
Qualifications: Servant-hood attitude, proficient with personal computers usage, commitment to excellence.  
General Duties (Required for all volunteers):  1. Keep track of total number of calls.2. Notify user community of potential changes and issues.3. Work out technical issues with vendor.4. Add/Delete new groups and members.5. Maintain system operating procedure up to date.      
Specific Duties for the Position: See How-to-Guide for Communication System  
Training/Resources Available: 1.See How-to-Guide for Communication System    
Measure of Success: Maintain and efficient, bug free, low cost communication system.  
Benefits: Take part in Thanksgiving and serve Him with your God-given talents.  

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