Sep 18, 2008

Senior High Youth Group Leader

Christ Lutheran VailVolunteer Job Description
Position Title: Senior High Youth Group LeaderResponsible to: Board of Ministries Director Assigned
Key Objective: To grow in our faith towards Christ.   To become stronger Christians in action through service to others.  
Average Time Commitment: Ten to fifteen hours per month.   Summers off.  Length of Service: Two years.
Qualifications: Love of Christ and love working with teenagers.  
General Duties (Required for all volunteers): 1. Attend all volunteer meetings2. Discuss any questions with supervisor.3. Arrange for coverage with supervisor.4. Attend trainings on the position and related subjects as offered, complete the requirements for the Child Protection Policy.  
Specific Duties for the Position: 1.Plan and execute a calendar of events for the year.     a.Inform both parents and youth of   all activities.     b.Report to church secretary announcements to be placed in the bulletin.2.Provide a Bible study first and third Sunday of the month.   a.Get the kids involved to be youth leaders of the meetings.   b.Have the kids explore their gifts and talents by trying new things.3.Recruit parent volunteers.   a.Work closely with your Servant Coordinator, Fund Raiser Coordinator , Just for Fun Activities Coordinator, and Youth Trips Coordinator.Help in anyway to ensure success.      
Training/Resources Available: There are many conferences, seminars and retreats available, specifically for youth leaders.   The kids are a great resource as well as the following:   Bible, Pastor Hook, Parents, church community.
Measure of Success: To me the measure of success is individual and personal, how have you grown in your journey with Christ.   At our last Bible study of the school year this question was asked.   I know the angels in heaven were singing as you listened to each of   the youth give their personal testimony and how they had changed or grown over the past year.   That's success.
Benefits: It is very rewarding to share your faith with others, especially teenagers.   There is such diversity.   Some are very certain and strong about their beliefs while others are just beginning to grow in their faith.     To be a part of this, and to possibly nurture one's faith, this is exciting to me.   Bottom line, it is a lot of fun.  

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