Oct 5, 2008

Don't get cheeky with me

You can call it fashion all you want.   I don't buy it.   The continuing rage in kid's fashion is to wear their pants somewhere down by their knees.   Aside from the fact that it looks absolutely silly, I think it's dangerous!   What if there's a fire and you actually have to run to get out of the building.   What if you have to catch the bus?   It's hard to move when you're bound up like a penguin.   I don't know.   Maybe I'm just too old-fashioned but I grew up in a generation that never thought to answer the question "boxers or briefs"  visually.



But let's assume, for the sake of argument, that it is a fashion statement.   What is the statement?   Plaid is better than paisley?   Cloth is better than denim?   God put my waist in the wrong location?


At least these kids should be glad they don't live in Florida.   A few weeks ago in Riviera Beach, Julius Hart, was charged with exposing too much underwear.   A police officer spotted him on his bike with about "4 to 5 inches"  of underwear exposed.   Hart spent the night in jail.   He should have thanked the officer for preventing an accident.   It's hard enough to walk like that, let alone ride a bike!


All of this happened because voters in Riviera Beach had approved a law earlier this year to crack down on this fashion statement.   The first offense carries a $150 fine or community service.   Repeated violations face jail time.   Hart's repeated violations landed him in jail.   Afterwards Hart appealed the decision.


Believe it or not the case went to circuit court.   The question was whether the ban on saggy pants is constitutional.   After hearing arguments, Circuit Judge Paul Moyle ruled that this law does indeed violate the constitution.   So for now, these youth can make this fashion statement all they want.


I searched scripture to find out if there was a law somewhere that forbids letting your undergarments show.   There isn't any.   Out of the six hundred thirteen laws in the Torah, none appear to deal with this issue.   Of course, God doesn't care what's on the outside, He is only concerned with what's on the inside.   He knows the color of your underwear either way.   His only concern is whether it truly is a fashion statement or rebellion.   And He knows.


This story points to an eternal truth.   When we all stand before God on Judgment day, the question won't be what's on the outside.   Only the inside that matters.   And none of us are perfect there.   That's why Jesus had to come bail us out of jail.




Pastor David Hook

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