Oct 18, 2008

Vail Vision October 18, 2006

To sell your soul.

In February of this year, Hemant Mehta, "sold his soul" on Ebay. Of course, normally we think of a person selling their soul to the devil in return for riches, power, carmelized apple pies, etc. But this was different. Mement Mehta is an athiest and said in the ebay listing that for every $10 of the bid, he would attend an hour's worth of church services! The final bid was for $504.

The winning bid was offered by Jim Henderson, Christian author and operator the web site http://www.off-the-map.org. Mr. Henderson worked a deal with Mr. Mehta that instead of attending 50 hours worth of church services, Henderson would choose 10 to 15 churches for Mehta to attend. After each service, Mehta would write up his thoughts and post it on the website.

Mr. Mehta has now finished his survey of churches. His comments are respectful, insightful, and offer a view of churches that we rarely hear - the perspective of a non-believer. Surprisingly, Mr. Mehta enjoyed the experience. He liked good preaching and good music. In fact, he said he "became addicted to Christian media". Here's his

"Christianity works best for non-believers when we hear stories that sound like something we would see or do. Joel tells me to not be dishonest by telling a story from his college days (Hey, I went to college, too!) and then supports his message with a story from the Bible. Dobson tells me I shouldn't be dishonest because Proverbs 6:16-19 says so (as he does in the April issue of Charisma). Period. Who would I be more inclined to listen to?"

His full report is on the website http://www.off-the-map.org  It is fascinating to read. The one thing I did not see on any of his postings was the clear message of the gospel - that Jesus died so that we might live. I don't know if it wasn't preached or if he just didn't hear it. That underscores how important it is for us to be crystal clear when we talk about Jesus. He isn't just a great teacher. He's the Savior.

Blessings on your week,

David Hook


Thank you to all who have donated food and men's clothing to the Gifts from the Heart project for the Phoenix Rescue Mission. It has all been delivered.


If you have not signed up for a "LET'S EAT OUT DINNER" do so now. You have just one more opportunity to be part of these Christian fellowship dinners. On Nov 4 the Negretes will be hosting a dinner which has openings for YOU. All other dinners are filled. We are anticipating wonderful evenings, good food, mystery and lots of fun with Cindy Hansen and her daughter, Leslie, with Ned and Erin Hall, and with Leslie Brekke. Those dinners have all been filled. DON'T miss your last opportunity to participate. Remember also that Thrivent will match funds up to $200.00. These funds will be used by the LWiM to further the work of our Lord here in Vail.


If you are interested in making greeting cards call Jill Raines at 664-1679 to get the information about where and when.


Anyone interested in a Cancer Survivors Support Group contact Gen Yocum at 762-9440. What is your special interest? Would you like to be part of a small group with that as the focus? Let Kae know at 574-8536 or kschae3542@msn.com . For information regarding Banners call Kae. We have opportunities for every adult women of Christ Lutheran Vail. Call Kae for more information. Remember the next Breakfast Meeting is Dec. 9 at 9:00A M at Polly Phillips home. All women of the church are invited. Call Polly 647-7684 or Kae 574-8536 for more information. God Bless your week.


Friday evening, December 1st at 7:00p.m. will be the Inaugural Christmas Tea for Christ Lutheran Vail; held in the Cafetorium at Cienega High School. It is a delightful evening filled with the sights and sounds of Christmas, but especially meant to celebrate our Savior's birth; a wonderful time to prepare our hearts and minds for the upcoming season. If you would be interested in serving on the Tea Committee or if you would like to hostess a table, please call Polly Phillips at 647-7684 or sign up at Christ Lutheran Vail's Welcome Center on Sunday morning.


It is time to sign up to read the lessons during the service or be an acolyte for next year, 2007. Sign up on the clip board at the Welcome Center.


Tara Clark, our Nursery Coordinator, has been operating the Nursery during the church service for children infant to four year olds. She would like to have some games, puzzles, books and toys available for the children. If you have something that is in good condition and age appropriate, a bin will be near the Welcome Center for the next two Sunday's. Tara will also have a sign-up sheet for Nursery Volunteers and also one for providing snacks in the Nursery

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