Nov 25, 2008

I write the songs that make the whole world sing

The auditorium is dark.   A spotlight is on Barry Manilow sitting at the keyboard.   He begins to sing:

Just One Voice,
Singing in the darkness,
All it takes is One Voice,
Singing so they hear what's on your mind,
And when you look around you'll find
There's more than

The lights come on, and suddenly Barry Manilow is surrounded by a choir facing him on stage who begins to sing with him.

One Voice...


Every year Barry would come to Phoenix to perform a concert.   Jennifer and I would attend the concert for free because we had connections.   We were part of the choir that would sing with him on stage.   Well, OK, Jennifer had the connection.   Her dad was the choral director at Arizona State University and in charge of recruiting the choir.   Hey, it pays to know the right people!


People of my generation either loved or hated Barry Manilow.   He had really catchy melodies.   They would stick in your head.   But it wasn't cool to like artists who wrote lyrical love songs.   So lots of people in my generation insulted Barry Manilow.   (Just between you and me, I liked Barry Manilow and owned several of his albums.   Don't laugh.)


So I wasn't too surprised to read about a judge in Colorado.   In Fort Lupton, Judge Paul Sacco has an interesting way of dealing with people who violate noise ordinances.   About four times a year, he makes these people sit in a room and listen to Barry Manilow and Barney the Dinosaur.   Come one. Barry Manilow is easy to listen to but Barney?   Now that's torture.   I'm guessing the judge didn't like Manilow when he was in high school and is sick of listening to Barney all day at home.


Singing with Barry Manilow was great. Every year we were promised that after the concert, Barry would come back stage and shake our hands.   And every year, Barry didn't show up.     All I got was a t-shirt with his picture on it.   What would I do with a t-shirt?   I couldn't wear it because I would have been mocked.   So, today my kids wear them as pajamas.


But I liked the experience. It was a foretaste of another concert to come.   Because some day we will all join together with One Voice facing the Creator of the universe. We'll be joined with angels and archangels and all the company of heaven singing praises to our God.   It will be a grand and glorious choir performance, rivaling none.   And it will be free.   Because the admission price was paid for us long ago.




Pastor David Hook

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