Nov 1, 2008

The Home Stretch

OK, I'll admit it.   I'm a political junkie.   Some people like to watch sitcoms, sports and reality shows.   When I get a chance, I like to watch politics.   Don't think I'm weird, but I like CSPAN.



I consider myself to be a well-informed citizen and yet even I am confused by some of the wording on this year's propositions.   A yes vote is really a no vote or maybe it really is a yes vote.   Can there be any more confusion?


Campaign commercials are also interesting.   There have been some good ones this season.   But now in these last weeks, I am getting sick of them.   Really, a thirty-second commercial doesn't have a chance of explaining the facts.   So it always comes down to mud-slinging.


Now I have heard from both sides of the presidential campaign that if so-and-so is elected the world will fall into the abyss.   Don't believe it.   I agree that there are fundamental differences between the candidates, but come November 5th, the earth will still spin on its axis and the sun will still shine and the mud-slinging will stop.   That's cause enough for celebration.   If your candidate loses, there is always another election.   That's what is so great about our country.


Maybe I'm old-fashioned but I still believe the United States is the best country in the world.   Through all her faults, she's my native land and I love her.   I think the US constitution is the best thing going.


I still remember the election of 2000 between George Bush and Al Gore.   Remember the hanging chads?   The greatest outcome of the election wasn't necessarily who won, but that the process worked.   In many countries, coming up with a new leader brings anarchy. The transfer of power is not pleasant and can be deadly.   But in the United States, we have a process that works.   So in 2000, even when we didn't know the outcome, we knew that eventually the system would work out and we'd have a new leader.


So don't forget to vote on November 4th.   Become informed on the issues and pull the lever (Or push the screen, or punch the chads).   And say a couple prayers.   First, pray that whoever wins will lead with humility and wisdom.   Second, give a small prayer of thanksgiving that God has allowed this experiment in democracy to continue.


May God grant you wisdom Tuesday.




Pastor David Hook

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