Jan 5, 2009

Let's pig out in 2009

When I was in high school we frequented an ice cream parlor named Farrell's. It was located in a new mall called Metrocenter. After a movie, we would all go to Farrell's for a few laughs. This was back in the days when I could eat as much ice cream as I wanted.


Farrell's had a great deal called a “Pig's Trough". It was the equivalent of two huge ice cream sundaes. If you ordered one, the waiters would blow a whistle and everyone would turn to look at you. This was because if you ate the entire sundae by yourself, it was free. I never knew anyone who got it for free.


If you are in Texas, you might consider this one: the free 72-oz. steak challenge at the Big Texas Steak Ranch in Amarillo. Diners can get a 72-oz. top sirloin steak, a baked potato, salad, dinner roll and shrimp cocktail for free -- if they can finish it all in just 60 minutes. If they don't, the steak costs $72. Of course, winners get a T-shirt, a souvenir boot mug, a certificate and a spot on the Wall of Fame.


I tried a few of these“eat it and it's free" ploys, but I have never been successful. And afterwards, I feel sick. Really sick. I worked in an Italian restaurant in Phoenix that used to offer a free spaghetti dinner for anyone who could finish the one pound spaghetti special. But the owner had to pull the offer because Big Louie could finish one no problem.


About the only thing I think I could eat in one sitting is a whole apple pie. In fact, I have done this many times. I never do this intentionally, it's just that I LOVE apple pie. Jennifer can do the same thing with a pumpkin pie. And yes, I still get sick.


I was reminded of all this by a story from Lake Grove, New York. It appears that a 23-year-old mechanical engineering student has downed 46 latkes in eight minutes to win a contest at a Long Island deli. Pete Czerwinski says he'd never eaten a potato pancake before consuming about seven pounds of them Sunday at Zan's in Lake Grove. The Toronto bodybuilder says he's just "a power eater" whose brain never signals that he's full. Oh yes it will. Just wait until morning.


But there is one meal we can eat all day and never get sick. It's the nourishment from the Word of God. You can consume it all you want and your stomach will never say “enough!"


May you eat well in 2009!




Pastor David Hook

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