Feb 1, 2009

A Safe Investment

With the decline in the stock market, I have been looking for a mutual fund called, ‚¬Å“Under the Mattress ‚¬ .  But I have some reservations...  

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the parable of the talents.  A Master went on a journey and called three servants.  He gave the first servant five year's wages.  He gave the second servant two year's wages.  The last servant he gave one year's wages. The first two servants invested the money and made money for the Master.  The last servant dug a hole in the ground and buried the money.  

When the master returned he praised the first two servants but had harsh words for the last.  The master expected a return on his investment.  The first two used the money to build the Master's wealth.  The last one didn't.

Now I know that the point of the parable is that God gives each of us talents and He expects us to use them to build His Kingdom.  I know this doesn't really apply to modern-day stock markets.  Yet I still get an uneasy feeling.

Of course a story out of Japan doesn't help.  An elderly man in Southern Saga, Japan, decided that the stock market and banks were too risky.  So he buried his money in the garden for safekeeping.  The story probably wouldn't have made the headlines except that the amount he buried was quite large... Four Million Dollars!  

But this week he noticed that something was amiss in the garden.  When he went to dig up the money it was gone.  Someone had taken it.

That's the problem with earthly treasures. Even if the man had doubled his money in the stock market, eventually moth and rust would have eventually destroyed them.  

There is only one investment that will never be destroyed.  It is the bank of treasures earning deposits every time we serve God.  And this heavenly bank will never go out of business.  We'll never lose a single investment.  Because the Banker protects the investment with His own life.  

May your heavenly investments grow in 2009.


Pastor David Hook

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