Feb 19, 2009

Love is in the air

The Courting Dulcimer is an odd instrument from the Victorian age. Jennifer's father has one in his collection. It is two dulcimers combined into one instrument. To play it, a couple will sit across from each other with their knees touching and place the instrument on their laps. Since it takes two hands to play a dulcimer, young couples could be allowed to be in a room alone together as long as music could be heard through the door. This was long before the invention of the Bose Radio and "is it live or is it Memorex?" 


Jennifer's father said that if I wanted to be with her alone, I would need to learn how to play it. He was kidding, of course. He just never left us alone. I kept telling him I wanted to learn how to play it, but he knew the ability of a good tape recorder.


Now today's kids simply don't know the boundaries. Just walk into any American Mall and watch how teenagers express their affection to each other. I keep thinking I should go grab my father-in-law's Courting Dulcimer ...and beat these kids over the head with it. It's to the point where we actually will say to these young kids, "No PDA". My children get so embarrassed.


That's why I like Valentine's day. It's a simple day to write a card to the ones you love. You don't even have to be in the same room! It's a nice, clean, wholesome American tradition.


That's why I was so surprised by the edict that was issued this week. I guess clerics from the Sudan Ulema Authority called on young men and women to boycott Valentine's Day. They proclaimed that Sudanese youth should resist the temptation to mark the day by taking romantic strolls in parks. Yep. That certainly seems dangerous.


If Sudanese Clerics want to boycott Valentine's day, so be it. After all, the whole affair is named after the third-century Martyr, Saint Valentine. That in itself is reasonable cause for Muslims around the world to forget the holiday. But what they said was very strange. Sheikh Hassan Hamid issued a statement saying, "Valentine's Day comes from Western countries. I call on Muslims not to imitate Christians."    Yeah, we certainly don't want Sudanese youth going around loving each other.


But I think they are missing the whole point. There may be some American youth who take their feelings of love to an extreme, but overall, there is really nothing wrong with saying "I love you". God did that when He sent His Son into the world. And He doesn't say it once a year in February. He says it every minute of every day. He doesn't need a Courting Dulcimer. His Love is perfect.




Pastor David Hook

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