Feb 25, 2009

Snakes Alive!

Don't go swimming or boating in the Baleh River! There's a giant-killer snake on the loose! Well, technically, I don't know if it is a killer snake at all. It might be perfectly harmless. But I would argue for caution just the same.


The Baleh River is a tributary to the Rajang River in Sarawek, Malaysia. In case you have never studied this part of the world, I will describe it to you. There are two parts to Malaysia. Half of the country is located on a peninsula jutting into Indian Ocean south of Thailand. The other half of the country is located on the tropical Island of Borneo. Sarawek is on the half of Malaysia located on Borneo. This is where the deadly snake was seen. Don't go there without snake-repellant.


A disaster-monitoring team was taking pictures by helicopter of the recent flooding. One picture revealed a giant snake estimated to be 100 feet long swimming in the Baleh River. The picture is taken from about 1000 feet over the ground and shows a large, large, green snake swimming just around a bend of the river. The snake is shown leaving a large wake in the water as it moves.


The article in the London Daily Mail goes on to say that we shouldn't be too surprised about finding a 100 foot long snake in Malaysia. Apparently scientists recently unearthed fossil remains of a 45 foot long snake in Columbia. Never mind that Columbia is 10,000 miles away from Malaysia across the South Pacific Ocean. When you are a 100 foot long snake, the world is you aquarium.


The picture has been getting a lot of traffic on the London Daily Mail website. The snake looks very impressive! But one bright observer noticed that by scaling the picture, the head of the snake calculates to 50 meters wide. That's a half a football field! It's also very unlikely. Her conclusion? The image is a product of wild imagination and Photoshop.


Still, you won't catch me swimming in any tropical rivers. I have seen the movie Anaconda and I have seen what giant killer snakes can do. (Of course, to some of the women that I live with, a snake of any size is a killer snake.)


Ultimately, the only snake worth fearing is the serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. But even if he were 100 feet long, Jesus crushed his head when he overcame death. And that serpent will never have power over us. We never need fear him.




Pastor David Hook

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