Mar 11, 2009

Going Gray

Newspapers are dying! I don't think they will survive much longer. Last month, our local newspaper, the Vail Sun closed up shop. Then, last week, my beloved Rocky Mountain News closed their doors.   The culprit? Well, according to Rich Boehne, CEO of the Rocky, it was because Denver cannot support two newspapers. One of them had to go. Goodbye Rocky Mountain News. I will miss you.
And really, it makes sense. Newspapers are so 20th Century. In THIS century we like our news instantaneously. In fact, I usually know the upcoming headline in the Arizona Daily Star before I open it up. Partly this is because they email it to me on the previous day! Let me think. Do I get out of bed, put on my slippers, go out into the frigid morning and retrieve the newspaper from somewhere within the vicinity of my driveway OR do I stay in my warm comfy bed, reach over to my Blackjack and read the headlines from around the world? Hmmm. Hard choice.
But part of the problem may be in how we have been defining news. In the 20rh Century investigative reporters spent months tracking a story to get to the truth. Now they rush to print (or web) to be the first to publish. They can always correct an error later.
The largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States is The New York Times. She has always been known as "The Gray Lady". Well, the Gray Lady herself is getting grayer. I think part of the problem may be what they consider news. Page One on Thursday was a doozie. A story on the economy? Financial Stability?   European markets? Afghanistan? No, no, no and no. Thursday's Page One story was this: Barack Obama is going gray. Wow. Stop the presses! Of course he's going gray. He has to decide how he will apportion his time between saving the world and his two adorable daughters.
I think the whole world of media is dying because we are trying to fit 2 columns of newsprint into a whole newspaper. They're trying to fit 1 hour of news into 24 hours. They're spending so much time trying to come up with news that they miss the important stories. The president's hair color is not one of them.
Communication is tough. You have to put the right words at the right place so people will read them. You need to be succinct. You need an audience and then at just the right time get to them with the story. Of course if you really want people to read your stuff put it in the back of the bulletin. That's what I do. And since I know you are reading this instead of listening to the sermon, I'll clue you in. Jesus loves you!
Pastor David Hook

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