Mar 4, 2009

Too dangerous

I was sure the driver was going to get killed or get somebody else killed. I actually heard him before I saw him leap out of traffic and pass about six cars. This was on Mary Ann Cleveland Way in front of the proposed Safeway store. The road has one of those continuous lanes where people can turn left. The technical term for these is continuous-two-way-traffic-lanes or CTWTLs. When I was growing up we called them suicide lanes. But no matter what they're called, they're for turning left, not hot-dogging around traffic. This particular maneuver was dangerous because the CTWTL was ending and he had nowhere to go. Fortunately he was able to squeeze back into traffic before he ran head-on into opposing cars.


My daughter was in the car with me. She appropriately pointed out, "That seems dangerous". Yes, dear, it is. The driver then proceeded into the Cienega High School parking lot. He pulled into a parking place and got out of the car. I asked my daughter if she knew the young man. Yes, he's in my class, his name is _____________. Well Mr. _________________, you are never dating my daughter!


I don't know what it is about these young drivers. They think they're invincible. But I can assure you that any head-on collision will be painful. They leave no room for error. 1 once read a study that proposed the three-error model. The researcher proposed that accidents occur because three errors occurred simultaneously. For example: a driver is 1) inattentive while talking on the phone, 2) comes to a curve which requires attention but swerves into the opposing lane, and 3) a car heading in the opposite direction is in the exact spot. If one of these errors could have been avoided, then the accident would not have occurred. I thought this three-error model had merit.


So why do young men act so foolishly? Why did this young man perform such a dangerous maneuver? Who knows? Maybe he was trying to impress some girl. All males want to impress the female of the species. It's how we were created. We want to show that we're better, wiser, stronger and quicker than all of the other males. It's part of the ritual. Male peacocks have colorful feathers. Male deer have large horns. Male homosapiens have loud and fast cars. Or is it motorcycles?


But there is One that we do not need to impress. He loves us just the way we are. We don't need to do foolish things to prove ourselves to Him. He proved everything at Calvary.




Pastor David Hook


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