Apr 12, 2009

Island Paradise

Along about Easter every teacher I know thinks about a tropical island paradise. I remember twenty years ago, Jennifer was teaching high school. After a particularly long day, she came home and said, “I am moving to Tahiti to sell bean dip... I kept asking her, ..."Why Tahiti? and ..."Why bean dip?.... I think I was missing the point.


You have all seen the commercials. A crystal blue ocean gently laps waves on the shore of a pure white sandy beach. There underneath the shade of an umbrella a person reclines while reading a book and drinking iced tea. The camera zooms out revealing this solitary individual on a deserted island. Nothing is visible except this tropical paradise where he has  “...gotten away from it all."  It seems heavenly.


But upon further reflection, the picture is misleading. If it really is a deserted island, what does one eat? Where is the water source? What if medical attention is needed? Is there cell phone reception? Who is watering the plants at home? Did the gas bill get paid? Did the world get nuked by North Korea? Who won American Idol? Adam Lambert? Quick! Call the Coast Guard. I want to go home!


Remember the movie,“Castaway" that came out a few years ago? Tom Hanks portrayed a FedEx executive who crashed in the ocean. He washed up on a deserted Island, but it isn't pleasant... particularly the part where he extracted an infected tooth. The more you think about it, the less a deserted island seems anything desirable at all! The hardest part for me would be the solitude. Sure, it would be great for a couple of days, but after a while, I would go stir-crazy!


Jennifer's uncle lived in Hawaii for years and every once in a while had to come back to the mainland. Island Fever can be overwhelming- just ask Sophie. Sophie is a 4-year old Blue Heeler dog that fell off a sailboat while cruising off the coast of Queensland, Australia four months ago. Last week island rangers found the dog on a deserted island and tracked down the owners. Little Sophie jumped out of the cage and nearly knocked them over. She was so happy!


Actually, mankind could have been living on a tropical island. Remember the Garden of Eden? But because of sin, life is more like Tom Hank's island. The message of the resurrection is that we have been saved from that island. The creator of the universe found us hungry and starving and sent Jesus to bring us home. And someday we'll jump into the arms of our Savior and never be lost again. We'll live in a paradise that makes white-sandy beaches seem lame.




Pastor David Hook

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