Apr 22, 2009

No, No, No, No, NO!

The latest rage on Youtube is not some comedian who shows how modern dance has evolved over time. It isn't a middle-aged man who likes to puree all sorts of objects in a blender. It isn't a young kid who speaks with a really high squeaky voice. No, the latest Youtube sensation is a frumpy 47-year old Brit who sings. Her name is Susan Boyle and boy can she sing!


When he's not on American Idol, Simon Cowell hosts another reality show called, "Britains Got Talent". Cowell and a team of judges scour England to find out if there is undiscovered talent out there. Two years ago Paul Potts, a mobile phone salesman, stunned the audience with a rendition of Pavarotti's signature song, "Nessun Dorma". It's the stuff that dreams are made of... a poor unknown working stiff makes it to the big time.


So two weeks ago, Susan Boyle was on the show. She is a single woman who up until recently was living with her cat, Pebbles, taking care of her mum. When she walked out on stage, Simon asked her a few questions to break the ice. Then he asked, "What would you like to do". She answered, "I would like to be famous and sing like Elaine Paige". For those of you who do not follow Musical Theater, Elaine Paige is the Queen. Few in the world sing like her! The whole panel of judges rolled their eyes.


The music started and Susan started to sing one of my favorite pop opera pieces of all time. She sang, "I dreamed a dream"  from Les Miserables. The first time I watched the video I thought the show was playing a practical joke because there was no way this woman could sing that good! Then as I watched her lips, and the audience reaction the truth became clearer. She was that good. The expression on the judges faces was priceless. By the end of the song, Susan brought the whole house down.


Part of the allure to the story is how a woman with so much talent could live to 47 years old and not be living her dream. In later interviews people from her hometown and church tell of how they knew she could sing. But apparently no one along the way helped her realize her dream. Ironically, this is exactly the theme of the song she sang from Les Mes.


In the back of my mind I hoped that this one appearance would not change Susan. I hoped that she would always be the spunky darling spinster sparring with Simon Cowell. But perhaps it is impossible for fame to not affect someone. This week I saw her sporting new clothes and a leather jacket.


But my prayer is different. It is that as she takes this new journey she will always remember that there is a God who loves her. I hope she never forgets that God always thought she was somebody special. He never once rolled His eyes at her. He knew all along the special creation she is. So special, in fact, He sent His beloved Son to rescue her from an eternal fate of nothingness.




Pastor David Hook

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