May 19, 2009


They say being pregnant is like taking your lower lip and stretching it over your head. When Krista was born, Jennifer decided to have an epidural. The procedure numbs the entire bottom half of your body and limits the amount of pain one feels during childbirth. I was all for it.


The anesthesiologist had this huge handlebar mustache that was at least twice as wide as his face. When he grinned he looked like the evil Mr. Barnaby from Babes in Toyland. He had Jennifer turn over on her side so that he could insert the needle into the epidural space of the spine. When he started the procedure, he prepared a needle about 10 inches long. When I saw the needle, I did what any loving husband would do. I fainted.


They had to put me in a chair until the procedure was done.


What is it that causes us to faint? Sometimes we faint because of low blood pressure. Sometimes we faint because our emotional system is overloaded watching our wife get an epidural. Sometimes we faint because of poor blood circulation. When I was in the boys choir, they told us that if we kept our knees locked, that would cut off the circulation into our legs and we would faint. They told us to keep our legs partially bent during a performance. I never fainted during a performance.


But sometimes we faint because of fear. Something can frighten us so much our body becomes overwhelmed and we lose consciousness. I read an interesting story from the New York Times from 1905. A train crash caused all the people on the platform to faint.


There is an unusual animal that faints because of fear. It is called the myotonic goat and they live in the United States. They first arrived in Marshall County, Tennessee in the 1800s. When they are frightened their body stiffens up. Even though they are fully awake, their muscles freeze causing them to fall over. Videos of these goats show people saying, "Boo" and the whole herd falls down.


I wonder if that is what will happen when we are face to face with God at judgment day. I wonder if we'll be like the myotonic goat and be petrified with fear unable to move. Maybe falling to our knees in front of God will be a myotonic experience.


No one is quite sure about the goat's history. One theory is that the goat was bred to exist with other livestock. When wolves would come, the myotonic goat would faint and sacrifice their life so the remainder of the herd could live.


This sounds like what Jesus did at Calvary. He sacrificed Himself so that we could live.




Pastor David Hook

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