May 10, 2009

Heaven is a wonderful place!

I have been thinking about heaven lately.  You know, the place God is preparing for us.  Most people envision heaven as a place where the streets are paved with gold, angels walk around with harps and people are filled with joy all the time.  That's a great picture, but I think it may be wrong.

I wonder if Roald Dahl had heaven in mind when he wrote, ‚¬Å“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ‚¬ ?  Last week I watched a production of this musical at Fountain of Life School. It's a story about a kid named Charlie who is one of the lucky winners of a golden ticket to tour the famous ‚¬Å“Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory ‚¬ .  I really enjoyed the production. But as I watched, I couldn't help but notice the parallels between Willie Wonka's factory and heaven.  It's eerie...

Take construction materials.  Gold is nice.  And surely God could construct heaven out of Gold.  It wears well and when it is polished, it looks stunning.  But think about how cool it would be if everything in heaven was edible.  When you are hungry, you could just reach down and pull up a chunk of chocolate street and eat it.  And who needs streets paved with gold when you have rivers of dark chocolate and chocolate boats everywhere.

And consider the Oompa Loompas.  Who is going to do all the upkeep in heaven?  In my vision of heaven, there is grass to walk on, but someone else mows it.  There's food on the table, but someone else cooks it.  There's clean clothes, but someone else washes them.  Surely God is planning on hired staff to keep the appearance of heaven... well... heavenly.  That's where the Oompa Loompas come in.  The Bible doesn't talk about them, but surely God will have heavenly Oompa Loompa type creatures that cater to our every need.

And what's the last thing people think about heaven?  Joy!  Here again, chocolate comes into the picture.  Believe it or not, chocolate makes you feel good. And apparently, it isn't just for the taste.  Researchers have found that eating chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins.  These endorphins are what makes us feel good. That's why people eat chocolate to feel better.  According to Adam Drewnowski, a researcher at the University of Michigan, ‚¬Å“We want chocolate in times of stress, anxiety, pain and so on. Chocolate is a natural analgesic ‚¬  (By the way, an analgesic is a fancy medical term for pain killer.)  

So while the rest of you dream about heaven as a place filled with Gold, just know that you are sadly mistaken.  Heaven is a place filled with warm dark creamy chocolate and Oompa-Loompas.  And because Jesus rose from the dead, we all have a golden ticket!


Pastor David Hook

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