May 3, 2009

Jesus is always near

A Florida woman claims to have an image of Jesus on her cheese sandwich. Linda Lowe was just about to bite down on piece of cheese toast when she noticed a dark spot that resembled Jesus. In a video interview with South Carolina WLOS television station, she said, "It's just the peace that he has on his face. There's a sweetness on this particular image that just makes me want to smile when I look at it."    She likes the image so much; she keeps it in Tupperware by her bedside.


This is not the first time that someone has seen the image of Jesus on a food item. In the early 1980s I was a college student at Arizona State University. One of my favorite morning disc jockeys was Jonathan Brandmeier on KZZP 104. He was one of the first early morning radio hosts to write and perform parody songs on his morning show. He wrote a song about a Guadalupe woman who saw Jesus on her tortilla. I can still remember the melody to the song, "I saw Jesus in a tortilla".


Actually Jesus has been showing up in all sorts of unusual places. I took a quick tour through the Internet and found pictures of Jesus on a tree, a tree ring, a sonogram, a kitten, a pancake, a bowl of spumoni and a Cheeto. Some of these pictures are amazing and I can actually see Jesus. In some of the pictures, I need to use a bit of imagination.


So what are we to think about sightings of Jesus like this? Before I answer, remember that God doesn't always act in ways that we would think are normal. Just remember the burning bush, a pillar of cloud by day or a pillar of fire by night. Think of a fourth person in a fiery furnace or a baby in Bethlehem.


One can never rule out that God might cause molecules of food to come together in such a way that portrays an image of his Only Begotten Son. He certainly has the power to do so. And if a piece of cheese toast on your bedside makes you feel closer to God, then by all means keep it.


But don't fall into a trap. Don't believe that Jesus is only near when He appears on a piece of cheese toast. Don't believe that because Jesus hasn't appeared on your cheese toast that He doesn't love you. You are His most precious child. He walks with you every day of your life. He always reveals Himself in His Word. That we can be certain of.




Pastor David Hook

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