May 26, 2009

Oh where could it be?

Maybe it's because I'm obsessive/compulsive but when I lose something, I am not content until it is found.   Now it could be a simple thing... a mere screwdriver, for example.   But if it is lost, I will spend an inordinate amount of time looking for it.   In fact, in the time I spent looking for it, I could have found a job, earned money and gone down to the hardware store and purchased another one.     But when something is lost, you don't necessarily think clearly.


Remote controls are the worst.   Whoever invented the remote control should be shot.   I don't watch much television.   But when I do, I want the remote to be in plain sight sitting on the coffee table in the living room.   Almost always it is never there. And today's televisions simply are too complicated to use without the remote.   I could read a full-length novel in the time I spend looking for remotes.   But all my novels are stored away in boxes in the garage.   I would probably spend hours trying to find the right book to read.   I may have mentioned... I am obsessive/compulsive.


To what extent would you go through to find something that is lost?   There was an interesting story this week about a couple who lost their cat.   Cheryl and Phillip Albers from Marion, Arkansas could not find their cat, Bubba, when a repairman came to fix their air conditioning.   After the repairmen left, Bubba was gone!   They finally heard faint meows and determined that it was coming from the dining room walls.   After cutting four holes in various dining room walls, they still could not find the elusive kitty.   Desperate to find a solution, they called Rotor Rooter to scope the walls with a video camera.   With much patience, Bubba was rescued through yet one more hole in the wall.   Bubba was very happy, but will probably have to work at Dairy Queen for the next year to pay for the damage.  


Being lost and found was one topic that Jesus loved to preach about.   He told stories about the lost coin, the lost sheep and the lost son.   In each case, the owner did everything possible to find the lost item.   And when the item was found, there was much rejoicing.


In the same way, you and I are lost like Bubba.   We run away from God and become trapped within the walls of sin. And like Bubba we are struggling with no way to escape.   But Hallelujah our obsessive/compulsive God will never stop until he has located us.   He will spare no expense.   In fact, He gave up the most valuable thing He could to rescue us... the life of His own Son.



Pastor David Hook

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