May 30, 2009

Senior Pranks,

This year, the Cienega High School Senior Prank fell a little flat... literally.  On the morning of May 20th, bus drivers arrived at the Vail School District bus yard to find 76 buses with flat tires.  At first glance, this sounds like a harmless and funny prank, but apparently it caused quite a problem.

I am told some of the flat tires separated from the rim. In order to get them inflated again, the staff had to do quite a bit of work. Apparently it takes quite a long time to inflate hundreds of tires.  It took so much time, that the buses were hours late picking up students waiting at bus stops. 

I am not sure of the history of the senior prank.  I know they were around when I was in High School.  In my freshman year, the seniors pulled an amazing feat; they enclosed the entrance to the school with CMU block.  When the school staff arrived the next day there was literally no way to enter the school.  They had to call in a demolition crew.  

At the close of my senior year, some enterprising seniors disassembled the bleachers.  This probably wouldn't have been a problem except the graduation ceremony was to take place on the football field.  When the school staff arrived the next day to make final plans for graduation the bleachers were neatly stacked on the field.  Talk about an administrative nightmare!

The most amazing senior prank I ever encountered happened when I attended Concordia College, Seward, Nebraska.  Sometime during the night, the seniors transported a Volkswagen Beetle into the dining hall.  To this day, I don't know how they did it.  All the doorways into the dining hall were smaller than the car!  A picture in the class yearbook shows this geeky Sophomore kid standing in front of the car with this dazed look.  Unfortunately, that geeky kid is me.

This all leads to an interesting question.  How does one perform a senior prank that is outrageous without causing harm?  I am not sure there is an answer to the question, but here are some thoughts.  A great prank would be one in which all the seniors were involved.  It would cause no lasting harm or damage to the school.  The school operations could continue with the prank in place and no school funds would be needed to rectify the prank.  Finally, it would build up the school, rather than tear it down.  But even with these guidelines, Seniors could innocently go too far.

In life, sometimes we may go too far.  We might do something that may seem funny at the time, but causes huge damage. These are times when we feel horrible.   Thank goodness we have a God who always stands ready to forgive the stupid things we do.

Pastor David Hook

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