Jun 22, 2009


Earlier this year I registered a new car with the DMV.  I seriously considered upgrading to a personal vanity license plate. What a great deal!  For only a few bucks extra, you can make a statement to the world. 

Actually, I have come across some very clever license plates. Consider these...

B4DKCME (Before Decay, see me.  On a Dentist's car)
E10BUGS (Eating Bugs, seen on a motorcycle)
WUZFUZZ (Former police officer)
RUNUTZ (Psychiatrist)
OICU812 (Oh, I see you ate one too. Pizza Delivery)

You can also make a faith statement.  Consider:

JOHN316 (For God so loved the world...)
1WTHGOD (One with God)
GOD SPD (God Speed. On a Pastor's Car)

and my favorite

MRK8 33 (Mark 8:33, “Get thee behind me Satan'”)

But alas, I did not purchase a plate.  Maybe it was because I couldn't think of anything to say. Maybe I didn't want to wait longer to get a plate.  Or maybe I am too cheap.  So I have a standard plate.

I bet Tom Feddor of Chicago wished he had gone with a standard plate.  Beginning in 1997 Tom kept getting tickets in the mail.  After almost 200 tickets, the Chicago Police figured it out.  Tom's license plate was simply the number 0.  What he didn't know is that this is the default license plate number that the Chicago Police uses to train their force.  So every time a new trainee wrote a ticket, he put the number 0 as the license plate.  And Tom Feddor would get the ticket.  Don't worry about Tom, though.  The City has forgiven all the tickets.

In a way we are like Tom.  We keep racking up tickets in heaven for stuff that we didn't even know we did.  We call this sins of omission; the sins we don't know about.  But Jesus went to the judge and cleared our record.  His license plate is I4GIVEU.


Pastor David Hook

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