Jun 13, 2009

Life in Paradise

We spent part of this last week in Texas at my in-law’s house.  They have a house on Clear Lake, on the coast of Galveston, Texas.  They call it Paradise.  A boat dock extends down into the water and with a few turns on the boat hoist, you can lower their boat into the water and work your way all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

They keep telling me that it really is quite wonderful to live so close to water.  You can water ski anytime you desire.  You can fish any time you desire.  You can canoe any time you desire.  By the way, I can canoe, can you canoe?  This is what one does in Paradise.

But let me also help you count the many other wonders that we experienced.
 First, there are mosquitoes. Not little, tiny, harmless mosquitoes, but huge make-you-duck-for-cover mosquitoes.  They only come out at night because if they came out during the day people would realize what they’re up against and leave.

There’s also very high humidity.  I know, I know, “It’s good for the skin”.  Sure.  But if I wanted my skin to have moisture, I would be a fish... which is what I felt like most of the days in Galveston Bay.  One good thing about this part of Texas, you don’t need to take a shower to get that “after the shower” feeling.  Simply walk outside and the moisture just magically appears.

I won’t talk about hurricanes.

So other than that, it’s a pretty comfortable place to live.  It’s a veritable tropical paradise.  Although while we were there, an alligator was pulled out of a swimming pool in Port Arthur, Texas, 50 miles away from Galveston.  Fortunately, alligators only like fresh water.  Unfortunately, Clear Lake is mostly fresh water.  They have alligators every year.  This is what we call an “added bonus” in Paradise.

No, Galveston isn’t exactly all paradise.  But even though I love Tucson, it isn’t exactly paradise either.  We have snakes and scorpions and easy-bake-oven summers.  No the only paradise in the world is the one that Jesus was talking about when He said, “Today you will be with me in “Paradise”.  And that Paradise is ours because He bought and purchased a time-share with His blood.


Pastor David Hook

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