Jun 27, 2009

Man's best friend

Yesterday Tucson hosted the 1st Annual Tucson Canine Classic. Billed as Tucson's largest dog-walk, participants completed the 5K event to raise money for local animal rescue groups. The exciting part of the event was that folks were encouraged to bring their dogs to walk with them. Don't have a pet? Don't worry. The event sponsors were renting pets for the day.


When I read about the pet rental-thing, I got really excited. I had no idea that people were interested in renting pets. What a concept! You know, I have a dog, Emily, that we would be willing to rent out. She is kind, generous, intelligent, witty and scores higher on her Iowa Basics than any other pet out there. After a day with Emily, you have no other need for sunshine as she fills the room with it.


I also have swamp land in Florida for sale.


Why do people even have dogs? They shed and you have to feed them. And every day they leave little presents on the back lawn.


“But Pastor, they guard your house”. Right. Most of the dogs I have lived with would cower in fear at the sight of a robber.

“They chase away other animals”. Not my dog.

“Spiders”. No.

“Snakes”. No


So why keep a dog around? Well, I can only think of one thing. When I get home from work at the end of the day, Emily comes up to me and wags her tail and treats me like I'm the greatest thing since sliced dog biscuits. It's almost like she has been waiting all day to give me that few seconds of unconditional love. Now that's worth renting out.


But you don't need to rent a dog for unconditional love. Every time you spend time with Jesus, He is more excited to see you than my Emily. And His love isn't for just a few seconds. It's for a lifetime.




Pastor David Hook

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