Jun 25, 2009


Membership into Christ Lutheran Vail is a way that you can get involved at a deeper level.  Our members serve as ministry leaders and are the final governing authority of our congregation.  
Rest assured, however, that you do not need to become a member in order to worship with us or join us in our activities.  In fact, we encourage you to spend some time with us before you enter into membership.  
However, if you believe God is calling you to be get involved in the operation and vision of our congregation and desire to become a leader, then membership is for you. 
We have several different levels of membership.
Baptized Membership
Baptized members are all persons within the congregation who have been baptized in the name of the Triune God, whether children or adults, and come under the pastoral care of this congregation.
If you have not been baptized and wish to do so please see Pastor Hook or any ministry leader within our congregation.  Baptisms are held throughout the year and are scheduled through the church office.
Confirmed Membership 
Confirmed members are all baptized persons within the congregation who profess a Christian faith, have studied and are in agreement with our church's beliefs, and who have agreed to abide by our membership covenant.
There are three ways to become a confirmed member:
Membership Class
If you have never been a member of a Lutheran Church before, then your point of entry is our membership class.  Membership classes are held throughout the year.  The classes consist of four 1-1/2 hour sessions.
Session 1 - Who is Christ Lutheran Vail and what has God called us to be.
Session 2 - Christian Doctrine Part 1
Session 3 - Learning how to get involved
Session 4 - Christian Doctrine Part 2
Our next membership class begins August 23, 2009 and will be held immediately after the worship service at Cienega High School.  Times and locations for the remaining sessions will be provided at this class.  Registration is not necessary.
Confirmation Instruction 
Youths who are in 7th and 8th grade are given a comprehensive instruction in Christian Doctrine, called confirmation.  At the end of this instruction, youths are "confirmed" by declaring their faith in Jesus Christ through the sharing their personal faith story.  Beginning in September, 2009, the confirmation instruction will be held at the Christ Lutheran Vail offices in the Old Winery on Wednesday nights.
Transfer of Membership 
If you have been a member of another LCMS church, you can transfer your membership to Christ Lutheran Vail.  However, you should attend Sessions 1 and Sessions 3 to learn about our congregation and ways in which you can serve.
Voting Membership 
Voting members are those who are confirmed members at least 18 years old and have attended a previous voter's meeting.  Voting membership allows one to vote at the annual or special meetings.   At the annual meeting, members vote  to approve the budget and to elect the Board of Ministry Directors. A special meeting might be called to approve a specific budget or to vote on the purchase of land or property.  

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