Jun 20, 2009


We hope that you will feel right at home as we worship together. Christ Lutheran Vail Church is a place for:



  • The primary reasons we meet together are to:



  1. Focus our attention on God
  2. Give Him our worship
  3. Receive His blessing and inspiration.



  • Each worship is a special time of spiritual enlightenment and refreshment.
  • We trust this is what you experienced today.




  • We believe the Bible and accept it as God’s word to us.
  • Studying the Bible is vital because it instructs us intellectually as well as gives us spiritual guidance on an ongoing basis.
  • The Bible is alive and relevant to our daily life’s experiences and challenges.
  • Learning the truths of the Bible is a thrilling and exciting experience.




  • We offer a wealth of opportunities to enrich and grow your life and walk with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.



  1. These opportunities and program include:
  2. Ministries for children, youth, and adults



  • Special programs throughout the year
  • There is MORE than one place where you can be involved and personally enriched with your service.




  • The joy of Christian friendship is a joy beyond comparison.
  • We make it a high priority to build lasting bonds between members of our church family.
  • Bonds of concern and genuine commitment to one another is our goal.
  • This circle of friendship is ever-widening! We would love to include you in our circle of friendship.




  • We accept our responsibility to reach out in service to others just a Jesus Christ came “to minister to, not be ministered unto.”
  • This applies to both within our church family and outside of the church.
  • We look forward to serving you, and we trust that we will see you again.




  • Please join us for fellowship time (coffee and pastries) to learn more about our Church and its members.


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