Aug 4, 2009

Junior High Youth Coordinator

Christ Lutheran VailVolunteer Job Description
Position Title: Junior High Youth CoordinatorResponsible to: Pastor 
Key Objective: To help facilitate relationships and learning for junior high youth (7th and 8th grade) at Christ Lutheran Vail.
Average Time Commitment: A function of how many events are planned and coordinated.Length of Service: 1 school year.

Qualifications: The Jr. High Youth Leader(s) will be in charge of 7-8 grade boys and girls at Christ Lutheran Vail. The youth leaders should be of the highest character and be willing to patiently work with this age group.

Junior High is an incredible time. Typically, boys and girls in this age are experiencing major changes in their bodies and are being bombarded with new challenges at school. Probably one of the most important issues with young adults at this age are whether they “fit in”. The last thing they want is to stand out from the crowd. Acceptance is very important.      The Leader will help the youth in this group to learn that Jesus loves them just as they are.

General Duties (Required for all volunteers): Will need to attend the Child Protection Policy seminar.  This is required of all CLV members who work with children and youth.

Specific Duties for the Position:


  • Coordinate the youth to attend the annual “Youth Quake / Youth Zone” meetings.
  • Arrange for relationship-building activities outside of Sunday or Wednesday night. Examples of such activities might be bowling, fishing, or hiking Kertchner Caverns.
  • In previous years, the junior high kids sold Eegees at the annual Trunk n Treat. This is an example of an outreach / fundraising activity that could provide resources for the group.
  • Lead or arrange for leaders to teach a Junior High Sunday Morning Bible Study (1st and 3rd Sundays of the Month, September through May).
  • Work with the Pastor to develop an annual Junior High Youth Retreat. Help coordinate our Wednesday Night Live Confirmation Program


Training/Resources Available: Funding is available from the BOMD

Measure of Success: Junior High youth learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthen their faith and life.
Benefits: The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our Junior High Youth

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