Sep 5, 2009

A Space for Grace

We are reminded at how richly God has blessed Christ Lutheran Vail. We will purchase land and we will begin our first building project. But what will this structure do? In this sermon series we will look at the ways that this facility can be used to the Glory of God. May it truly be a Space to worship, serve, fellowship and grow.  With God in charge of it all.

Date Speaker Topic
October 25, 2009 Pastor David Hook Psalm 46
October 18, 2009 Pastor David Hook Ecclesiastes 5:13-20
October 11, 2009 Pastor Roland Kauth Look to the Hills - Our God Reigns - Psalm 121:1-8
September 27, 2009 Pastor David Hook A Place to Grow - Luke 14:25-34
September 20, 2009 Pastor Roland Kauth A Place to Fellowship - Acts 2
September 13, 2009 Pastor David Hook A Place to Serve - John 13
September 06, 2009 Pastor David Hook A Place to Worship - Hebrews 9

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