Sep 14, 2009


As the fire started spreading everywhere I thought to myself, “This isn't good”. It was only then I remembered the wise words from my father, “Don't play with matches”. Oh, I see... now I get it. When I play with matches, everything starts burning out of control. The vacant field by our house was full of tall dead grass. The fire was spreading quickly. Why is it I always have to learn things the hard way?


Accidents happen all around us. Sometimes they are through our own stupidity. Playing with matches in the vacant field was a stupid thing to do. Especially since my father had told me not to. But it was partially his fault, he didn't hide the matches very well.


But sometimes accidents just happen even when we are really careful. A few years after I set the vacant field on fire, I received a boomerang for Christmas. This was not a plastic boomerang, but a real hard-wood boomerang fresh from Australia. In Australia, they use the boomerang to hunt. If you don't kill the animal, the boomerang comes back to you. At least in theory... I think it was on my very first attempt that the boomerang flew up into the air and then came back – right into my neighbor's window.


When we lived in Denver, our neighbor was using our driveway to turn around a motorhome. You know those mirrors that say, “Object is closer than it appears”. Well, houses are included in that statement. Fortunately it was only a flesh wound.


And sometimes accidents happen that make you stand back and pause for a bit. In Uniontown, Pennsylvania, William Maser was working with an old nineteenth century cannon in his front lawn. Maser is a history buff that tries to recreate firearms from old wars. While working on a firearm this week, he accidentally shot off the 2-pound cannon. The two-inch diameter cannonball smashed through his neighbor's window and landed in his closet. Fortunately, no one was injured. I must admit that I would be a little shocked to find a nineteenth-century cannonball crash into my house.


Accidents are a result of a sinful world. Sometimes they cause damage, and sometimes injury and even death. Sometimes they are directly our fault and sometimes they just happen because something broke. We should know without a doubt, however, that God's love for us is no accident. Everything God does is purposeful, perfect and true. That includes forgiving a little kid who set his creation on fire many, many years ago.




Pastor David Hook


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