Dec 10, 2009

A day to remember

How much would you spend on a wedding? The last time I tracked wedding costs was back in the mid-80's when it was my own wedding. I remember it being expensive, but, oh my! Have you seen how much weddings cost these days?



On average, US couples spend $28,732 for their wedding. According to, costs typically range between $14,366 to $35,915. This doesn't include the cost for the engagement ring or the honeymoon! This amount is up 73 percent over the last fifteen years. Here's another frightening fact. Most people spend twice than their budget!


I pity the man who has many daughters... Hmmm….


Actually, the Fairchild Bridal Group surveyed 1,000 young women and found out that only one quarter of them expected the Bride's family to foot the whole bill. Still, it's a lot of money no matter who pays for it.


The young couple wants their wedding day to be special and unique. So they are willing to pull out all of the stops. But here's a thought. If the bride and groom enjoy each other, if they have a loving and supportive family, if they have enjoyable and supportive friends, and if God blesses the wedding, it will be special no matter how much they spend.


I was thinking about wedding costs because of a story out of Australia. The firm of Elk and Sons has been doing research on the cost of school formals. Apparently the price of Proms has risen dramatically. A recent study of 2000 high school girls revealed that they spend an average of $1,330 for the big night. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Sorry, I lost it for a bit.


Is it just me or does that seem to be a bit much?


Everybody wants to look their best. Everyone wants a picture-perfect event. Everyone wants that special day to be… unforgettable. But no matter how much planning performed and money spent, no event goes perfectly. There will always be something that will go wrong. At one wedding I sang at, the altar candles fell over and the altar caught on fire. My own children’s wedding will be quite a nightmare. With Mom and Dad weeping uncontrollably, it will be quite a sight.


Actually, the only perfect wedding was between Christ and His Bride, the church. It wasn’t perfect. It was marked with betrayal, scourging, blood and death. But the Groom spared no cost. He gave up everything to claim His Bride and love her forever. He still loves her to this day.


Blessings, Pastor David Hook

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