Dec 25, 2009

Peace on earth...

Here's a heart-warming story out of Tualitan, Oregon. Marc Lichty was driving home from Olympia, Wash., after leaving work last Wednesday. When he stopped at a rest stop, he thought he heard something meowing. He looked, but couldn't find anything. But when he arrived home he again heard the meowing. Using a flashlight, he looked under his car. Believe it or not, he found a kitten curled up in the spare tire under the car. They tried to get the cat to come out, but it was his daughter, Jenna, who found the solution. She lured the Kitten out with a piece of salmon. It was amazing the cat wasn't hurt because the distance that Marc drove was over 120 miles!


Actually, the cat was probably all snuggled up in the wheel well. She was probably oblivious to the complete danger that existed all around her.


It reminds me of a story about a king who sponsored a contest to see if anyone could depict true peace. Many people submitted many drawings. One was of a lush green field on a peaceful spring day. Another was a grandmother knitting by the fireplace. One was of a man sipping an iced tea on a chaise lounge by the ocean. But the winning drawing was something dramatically different. It was a picture of a tumultuous waterfall. The water cascaded down the precipice with incredible force as the splash rose high into the air. However, tucked behind the waterfall was a tiny bird. She was perched on a branch jutting out from the cliff and she was nestled comfortably, without a concern, on top of her precious egg.


This is the depiction of true peace. The world is a dangerous place. But because Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, came into the world in Bethlehem, we have true peace. We are like the bird, resting safely in God's arms as the waters splash around us. We are the little kitten safe in the wheel well while the vehicle wildly drives over the mountainous roads.


Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, amidst the craziness of last-minute-shopping, amidst the emotions of Christmas past, may God grant you true peace this season.




Pastor David Hook

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