Jan 21, 2010

Looney Laws

Are some of the ladies in our congregation breaking the law? If a recent email is correct, then, yes, they are. According to this email, “It is illegal for women in Tucson to wear pants”. So all you pants-wearing ladies better watch out. Some law enforcement officer might be ready to arrest you.


Every once in awhile I come across stories about archaic laws on the books that aren't enforced any more. And because our society has changed so dramatically, it seems quite reasonable that a law was put on the books that was never taken off. Maybe there was a time when it considered wrong for a female to wear pants. But if that's the law today, then the whole entire female population is in trouble.


Being the curious sort, I looked this up and found the answer on Snopes.com. This law is not true but there is an element of truth to it. There was a law enacted over a hundred years ago that made it a misdemeanor for a person to appear in public wearing clothes not of their own sex. However nothing is mentioned about women and pants.


The site also listed other interesting but possibly-outdated Arizona laws. “It is illegal to hunt a camel in the State of Arizona”. Actually, I think this law might still hold since Arizona is not home to any wild camels and they only exist in the zoo or circus. I am pretty sure you would be arrested if you hunted them.


The site mentions other laws that seem too ridiculous to be true: “Any misdemeanor committed while wearing a red mask is a felony”. “It is illegal to wear suspenders in Nogales”. “In Globe, it is unlawful to play cards with a Native American in the street.” Who comes up with this stuff?


The thing about man's laws is that they are always changing. As society grows and as conditions change, man's laws change too. Some are added and some are subtracted. What was illegal 100 years ago might be considered exemplary today.


But God's laws never change. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His Law withstands all tests of time. But God's punishment remains the same too. We're doomed for breaking even one law. But praise to God that the sentence has been thrown out as Jesus comes to our defense. He perfectly followed all the laws that mattered. Therefore, even though we might get into trouble with man's archaic laws, with God we have been declared “innocent”.




Pastor David Hook

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