Mar 27, 2010

'til death...

Honey, I' ve found the perfect wedding ring.

You can tell a lot about your future spouse by the wedding ring. So if the love of your life comes home with a brochure from GreenKarat, be prepared.  Like most companies, this one will engrave your wedding ring with a cute message. Most people won t be able to read it, though, because the messages will be in binary code.

Yes, for the propeller-heads of the world, (of which I proudly proclaim to be one), for a mere $1,100 you can write the love of your life a message that can only be read by a computer. Messages may contain up to 25 letters. For an additional $775 you can obtain the ring in platinum. I would have loved to have one of those for Jennifer. But I suspect that both parties must agree for the concept to work. I am pretty sure the love of my life wanted diamonds. And while the word Diamonds engraved on a gold ring would have been very much in line with my warped humor, I doubt she would have found it funny.

A quick perusal through the web revealed several clever wedding bands. One ring includes an impression of the wearer s fingerprints. You can have a wedding ring made from special coins or special bones. One ring encloses a USB drive under a very large diamond. Another artful ring can be transformed into a sphere when off the finger.  The strangest, however, is a ring with three bands that rotate. There are letters on each band. Yes, it s is a three-band decoder ring! How cool to write a message to your spouse and watch him or her spend the next 50 years trying to figure it out.
These are all very cute, but in my case, also very risky. Sometimes it s better to go with a simple ring. In my case, a ring with diamonds is preferred.

In truth, a wedding ring is much more than something that is placed on the finger. It isn t just a clever piece of jewelry. It represents a vow of faithfulness between a man and woman. The two become one flesh. The ring is a symbol of that.

It is no accident that the metaphor used for Christ s love is that of a bride and groom. Christ loves His church like a perfect groom. He is willing to give up His life for His bride. And that vow wasn t sealed by a ring, but was sealed by his blood.

Pastor David Hook

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