Apr 20, 2010

Prom Night

I left my senior prom by myself.  My date drove home with someone else.  I didn’t pay much attention to her.  Always the socialite I talked to everyone… except the girl I brought to prom.  Oh well, I never had much luck with prom night.  The previous year, I locked my keys in the car at the restaurant and almost didn’t make it to the event.  I suppose in years gone by the Junior-Senior prom was a great evening for fun and dancing, but when I went to proms they were the most stressful events in my life.  I had to make all kinds of decisions.  What car should I drive?  What should I wear?  What restaurant should we eat at?  Should we go with friends?  AAAHHHH.


Of course today it’s even worse.  These kids go all out.  Everything must be perfect no matter the cost.  You think weddings are expensive, try a prom.  First, the average prom dress can cost hundreds of dollars.  Add to that the cost of a meal, the limousine, the flowers, the tickets, the after-prom party, the before prom party, the pictures, and well, you get the idea.   I wonder if most of these kids wish the prom was a simple affair of decorating the gymnasium and hiring a DJ.


Actually, Conner Cordova has the right idea.  If you are going to go to spend that kind of money, why not make it the best evening ever.  This Dakota Ridge High School student posted a Youtube video asking professional super-model Arianna Celeste to the prom.  I guess the video invitation worked because she said yes.  They had a wonderful evening of dinner and dancing.  The only question I have is this:  How do you top an evening like that?


Ultimately, proms are simply about relationships.  When you take someone to the prom the evening is nothing more than an opportunity to spend time with someone.  It’s an opportunity to learn more about them in a different setting.  How does one get to know someone else unless you spend time with them?  Proms provide that opportunity.


Really, that’s what worship, prayer and Bible study are all about.  It’s learning more about God and spending time with Him.  It’s about finding grace through Jesus Christ.  It’s about spending precious time with the most beautiful person that ever lived.  When we say we love God, but then never spend time with Him, it’s like inviting Him to the prom but never asking Him to dance.


But He is always willing and ready to spend time with us.  Because He bought our prom ticket…   not with gold or silver, but with His own precious blood.  And all He wants to do is spend time with you.




Pastor David Hook

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