Apr 27, 2010

Purple Rain

As I write this article for Sunday morning two things are on my mind. First, I hope that as you read this [during our service at Purple Heart Park]  it isn’t too windy and second, I hope it isn’t raining. Being the curious sort, I have looked at Sunday’s weather forecasts every day this week. Of course weather predictions are always right… aren’t they?


J.D. Eggleston is an electronics engineer living in rural northwest Missouri. His fifth-grade daughter was given the assignment of measuring the temperature and rainfall at their home for a week. Being a true scientist, J.D. also noted the weather forecasts on all the local television stations and correlated this to the actual weather. The result? Don’t plan your weekend activities based upon weather predictions early in the week. In other words, if you want to know Saturday’s weather, wait until Friday. I knew that.


I remember taking Fluid Dynamics at Arizona State University back in the early 80s. My professor said that weather, like any closed system, has to follow Newtonian Physics. In other words, if we took enough measurements, we could predict what would happen next. That is because every force creates actions which are entirely predictable. If we knew the location and state of every molecule in the universe, we could calculate, based upon Newton’s laws, what that state would look like into the future. We could not only predict the weather but earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. Not because we changed nature, but because we understood it really well.


This reveals a way that many people have viewed God. This Newtonian way assumes that God is a big clockmaker. Way back at creation, He set the earth in motion but He doesn’t really get involved anymore. Life is like the weather. If we really understood everything about the world, we could explain every action and reaction. The Deists of the 18th century believed this.


But that denies the power of the Holy Spirit. At Pentecost, God breathed into His church His Holy Spirit and that Spirit works against the natural forces of this earth to bring about His will. And His will is that you be part of His creation in ways that He directs. You are not some random being following the laws of physics. You are a creature loved, cared for and guided by the creator of physics.




Pastor David Hook



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