Jun 12, 2010

Never alone…

I stopped and listened. Was I being watched? I couldn’t tell. I had been jogging for about 10 minutes when I had this overwhelming sensation that I was not alone. Of course, all of us know that just because we live in the desert, there are still plenty of critters. I have seen Javelina, deer, snakes, gila monsters and other wildlife. So the odds are, when you are running alone in the desert you are not alone. Something could be watching you.


While I have never seen one in Tucson, a couple of years ago a friend of mine said he saw a mountain lion. When we lived in Denver, mountain lion attacks happened every year. Some of them were fatal. If you come across a mountain lion do these things: Continue to make eye contact, make yourself look big, back away slowly, and change your underwear when you get home.


I have never come across a bobcat in the wild, but they are here. The Cienega High School mascot is the Bobcat. A number of years ago, a family of bobcats moved into the atrium of the Vail School District office. But they don’t concern me too much. An adult bobcat weighs about 20 pounds, and I’m pretty sure I could take one on. According to the internet, bobcats rarely attack humans and when they do it’s usually because they are rabid. So I’d survive, but I hear the shots are very painful.


If you were jogging this week in northeast Tucson, you might have run across a black bear. Game and Fish officials responded to a report that a black bear had been blocking the intersection of 22nd Street and Houghton. Game officials also had to euthanize a black bear near Parker Canyon Lake because it damaged two vehicles three times while looking for food. So if you come across a black bear, don’t look like food. And don’t wear tuna fish cologne.


Speaking of cologne, here’s the strangest news of all. Scientists in the Guatemala jungle are using Calvin Klein cologne to lure jaguars. Apparently their cologne, Obsession for Men, is a magnet for jaguars (and some women). And last year, a jaguar named Macho B was trapped just south of Tucson. So if you go jogging in the early morning, please don’t wear jaguar-attracting colognes.


All of these thoughts go through your head when you get that feeling that you’re being watched on a morning run. I continued to listen and turned around 360 degrees a few times. But the only sound I could hear was that of my heart pumping. Well, if something was watching me, at least it wasn’t attacking… yet.


But I am never alone. As God’s precious child, His presence is always there. I often talk to Him when I’m alone on a walk or run. And while I may someday have a nasty encounter with a wild animal, I am forever safe and secure in His arms.



Pastor David Hook



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