Jun 5, 2010

Wake up. We’ve been robbed!

My uncle shook me awake. Or at least he tried to shake me awake. My body was completely exhausted from the previous day and it didn’t want to wake up. He kept prodding until my eyes opened.


“What happened?” “How did they get in here?” His questions were slowly penetrating my mind. But eventually I awoke and came to the full realization of what happened. We had been robbed.


The year was about 1972. My uncle had invited me to Disneyland with my cousins. We spent the evenings in a motor home in a printing shop parking lot owned by a relative. After a particularly long day at Disneyland we came back to the motor home and I fell asleep on the fold-out bed right underneath a window. When the robbers came, they busted the window covering me with shattered glass.


The next morning my uncle saw the shards of glass and feared the worst. But after he checked me out, he saw that I was still alive and unscathed. He surveyed the damage. The robber got away with a carton of cigarettes and a toaster. Here’s the amazing thing. Both of these items were in the kitchen. So the robber must have crawled over me, taken the items in the kitchen, and then crawled back over me to get out. Incredibly, I slept through the whole thing.


That’s how soundly I slept as a kid. Nothing would wake me up. It was a real problem. As a kid, I used to worry that if Jesus came back not even the trumpets of heaven would awake me from slumber. I’d imagine that some day I would wake up and all the saints would already have been taken into heaven while I was back in my bed sleeping.


But I’m older now. I don’t sleep as soundly. The coyotes wake me up. I don’t think trumpets would do any less. But I also know that Jesus would never leave any of His children sleeping. He knows where they are and what they are doing at all times. He cares for each and every one of us and will never leave or abandon us.




Pastor David Hook



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