Jul 8, 2010

Top of the morning to you…

The sun was at least an hour from rising. It was even too early for the birds to begin their dawn ritual yet the sweet scents of morning were already flooding through me. I left my sleeping family behind and mounted my bike. I was headed to a familiar place. As I rode through the neighborhood a sense of freedom overwhelmed me. While everyone else was sound asleep in their comfy beds, I was king of the morning. This was my time. This was my neighborhood. I could do anything I wanted. But this morning my mission was already set before me. I needed to get to the paper station so I could deliver all the newspapers on my route.


It is a shame that kids don’t have newspaper routes anymore. There was a lot to be learned. Take responsibility, for example. The paper had to be delivered every day, rain or shine because if you didn’t have the paper there when they woke up the customers would start calling. Trust me.


We also learned customer service. Back then, the paper was placed neatly by the front door so the customer wouldn’t have to go far outside to pick it up. Today, I have to search the neighborhood to find my paper. The more you treated the customer as king, the better the tips were. Of course there was always some old miser who screamed when the paper wasn’t placed just right who also never thanked you when you met his expectations. But that was the exception. Most customers enjoyed their relationship with their paperboy.


I learned a lot as a young kid -banking, profit, loss, responsibility, customer relations and a whole slew of useful skills. But as I mentioned, today’s kids don’t have paper routes. I don’t know if it’s too dangerous, or too low-paid to meet minimum wage requirements or too inefficient, but the paper boy appears to be gone forever. That’s really too bad. I wouldn’t have traded that experience for anything. I really did rule the morning. The only thing that frightened me was the stray dog that once chased me on my bike.


But of all the things formed me from my time as a paper boy, the one that is still powerfully engrained in my life is my love for mornings. It is a time of innocence, freshness and newness. No matter what happened the previous day, life begins anew with the rise of the morning’s sun.


The same can be said of our lives. If you have sins in your life you should know that when you confess them and turn them over to God, He creates a new morning in your life. Your slate has been washed clean and it is morning again in your life. May God grant you a great day.




Pastor David Hook



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