Aug 14, 2010

An early dinner

The meal was typical Americana- roast beef, potatoes, gravy, corn, salad and dinner rolls. Being that I was very hungry, I was the first to sit down. It took awhile for the rest of the family to join and my mother had to literally drag some of my sisters to the table. But when we all finally arrived, we began our meal. Believe it or not, this was the very first time we had done this together. Most of us were hesitant. Oh don’t get me wrong - my family had eaten many dinners together. What was new and strange about this particular meal was the timing. It was 7:00 in the morning.


My mom is a great cook. She never shies away from trying something new and unusual. In my youth I probably tried every possible food known to mankind. But one year my mother heard something that sounded very strange to all of us. She learned that breakfast was the most important meal of the day and it should be big. Dinner, being late in the day, should be much smaller. So somehow from this information she decided that we would switch around our normal eating patterns. A full dinner would be served in the morning. Lunch would remain the same, and something very light would be served in the evening. I know. It was bizarre.


I remembered this strange episode from my past because recently my wife informed me that some people do not eat after 6:00 pm. This makes sense. Most of us don’t do much activity after 6:00 and so it doesn’t make sense to eat large meals after this time. In fact the dietary and fitness expert Mike Levinson believes that it is very unhealthy to eat after 6:00 pm. He said that going to bed hungry won’t kill you. Hmm. It may not kill you, but it may keep you awake all night. But still, the concept of eating less at night sure seems logical.


God certainly doesn’t specify which foods should be eaten at each meal. In fact people in Jesus’ day were happy to have any food at any meal. Fish was probably served all day. In the Old Testament, some foods were prohibited. But when Jesus arrived the dietary laws were fulfilled. No, today, my food sins are of portion, not of type. Praise God that He accepts me no matter what or how much I’ve eaten.


In any event, my mom’s experiment didn’t last very long. I think we all agreed that if the first meal of the day should be big, it should at least consist of eggs, toast, bacon, biscuits, gravy and pancakes. There are just some things in life that shouldn’t be changed and the menu for breakfast is one of them. Oh well, it was a bit fun while it lasted.




Pastor David Hook



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