Aug 6, 2010

My Spidey-Senses are tingling

Who is the greatest superhero of all time?  According to the website, the number one superhero today is none other than Batman.  He garners 22 percent of all votes.  He is followed by Superman (14%) and then Spiderman (12%).  None of the other superheroes rise above ten percent.  So Batman is number one?  This is crazy.  Has anyone ever seen the Batman television show of the sixties?


No one in the sixties would have ever said that Batman was number one.  Sure we watched the television show, but Batman wasn’t a serious superhero.  He was the Gilligan of Superheroes and Robin was even worse.  Batman was full of cheesy dialog. Everything Robin said was holy this and holy that.  For example in one episode, Robin was talking to Catwoman:


Robin:  Holy Oleo

Catwoman:  I didn’t know you could yodel.


As for Superman, he was from a previous era.  He was a small town farm boy.  He was strong, but not clever.  You don’t need to be clever if you are invincible.  Sure, he was vulnerable to Kryptonite but it wasn’t a serious threat.


No, the best comic book superhero of all time was Spiderman.  He was my type of superhero.  He was human – he felt tragically responsible for his Uncle Ben’s death.  He was a scientist – he developed his own web formula and web shooters.  And he was witty.  For this kid growing up in the sixties, Spiderman was The Man.  Everything in my bedroom was Spider-ific.  I am not ashamed to tell you that besides having a full-size poster of Spiderman on my wall, I also had a Spiderman faceplate on my bedroom light switch.


So how is it that Spiderman ranks third?  I believe it is because kids don’t read comic books.  They watch television and movies.  When Spiderman was released in 2002 it became the first movie ever to gross more than $100 million in the opening weekend.  But by the third movie, Spiderman became an Emo (i.e., emotional) superhero doubting his own capabilities.  He was nothing like the uber-confident witty webcrawler of my childhood.  The real Spiderman is found on the pages of comic books, not on the movie screen.


But in the long run, it doesn’t really matter which Superhero is number one.  None of them can conquer death and redeem us.  Only Jesus did that.  Or as Robin used to say, “Holy Resurrection, Batman”.




Pastor David Hook


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