Jan 25, 2011


At first there was screaming.  Then girls and boys started to quickly move away as mass confusion swept throughout the audience.   A scene from “The Blob”? Not this time.  This actually happened last week at the Youth Quake in Carefree, Arizona.

Last weekend about 26 youth and adults from our church traveled to an event in this small town on the north side of Scottsdale.  Like most gatherings, the evening has a main event where the entire group is gathered together.  

The speaker, Wes, was also curious.  He had been in the middle of a story when all this happened.  As you may well imagine, it is hard to continue speaking when there is a major disturbance in the audience.  So Wes stopped and tried to figure out what was going on.  I’m sure it was only a few seconds, but it felt like minutes.  Finally, Wes told us what was causing the ruckus.   “It’s a wild boar”!, The bewildered look on his face was priceless.

It sometimes gets hot in these gatherings.  When it is a beautiful evening, the staff will open the ballroom doors which lead directly to the outside.  This gave ample opportunity for an animal to enter into the ballroom.  Of course, it wasn’t a wild boar.  It was a Collared Peccary or Pecari Tajacu as it is known to biologists.  In Mexico it is known as Saíno or Báquiro but in Tucson we simply call them javelina .  There were two of them, actually. Maybe they were looking for food, who knows?  This was no serious threat and so I relaxed a bit.

I guess Wes had never seen them before and didn’t know too much about them.  He did, however, offer his take on the situation.  After the crowd had shooed the javelina back outside, Wes quipped, “Well, I guess even Wild Boars need to hear about Jesus”.  It took some time before he was able to get back into his speech. 

Yes, wild boars and people who act like them – they all need to hear about Jesus.  Because sometimes the threats are real.  Sometimes the screaming is persistent.  Sometimes the effects of sin in this world can be devastating.  The only real solution is Jesus.  That’s the urgent message that Wes shared last weekend. 

May the Jesus give you peace in the midst of all your tragedies.

Pastor David Hook

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