Jan 12, 2011

What therefore is man?

The Pinnacle of God’s Creation?  A creature made in the image of God?    A complex set of emotions?  Love?  Fear?  What is man?  How about this description …Dinner.

I just finished viewing a disturbing scene. A man was surrounded by two lions.  The first lion was pawing his head the second one was at his feet. What was the man doing about all of this?  Well, he was talking on his cell phone.  I hope it was to his therapist.  He needs one.

The man is James Joblon and he runs the Wildlife Rehab of Hernando Florida.  People bring to him all sorts of animals for rehabilitation.  But over the years, people have also brought to him exotic animals.  So that is how James came into the possession of two African lions.  They were donated to him.  Some gift!

In order to raise funds for his Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, James has decided to spend the next 30 days sleeping with the lions in their cage.  The whole event is being streamed by a live web camera.  I heard about this story and located the video feed.  I watched James sitting on the ground talking on the cell phone.  One lion was asleep at his feet, but the other lion was pawing his head as if to say, “Hey buddy!  Stop talking on the phone and play with me!”.  Or maybe he was saying, “I think you would taste fantastic with a good Chianti.”  In any event, it was a disturbing sight.

You see I wonder if James has ever heard of the story of Daniel.  He lived in Jerusalem and was carried off into captivity during the Babylonian Invasion.  While in Babylon, he interpreted dreams and worked his way to a very high rank in King Darius’ administration.  But Daniel refused to follow one of Darius’ edicts about worshiping God and was thrown into the lion’s den.  So Daniel trusted in God and prayed.  When the lion’s den was opened, Daniel was unharmed.  This is the normal response to lions, folks.  Prayer and fear.

I bet that James has been in the cage thousands of times and feels very secure because those lions haven’t attacked him.  Yet I know that a lion is a wild creature and that this is a very dangerous situation.  Remember how Roy Horn was attacked by his tigers during his Las Vegas Sigfried and Roy show?  All it takes is one wrong move and whammo!

That is the way that a lot of people treat God.  They don’t understand that He is very strong and powerful and could wipe us out in one swoop.  Just because it hasn’t happened, we have become very complacent about His wrath.  Yet for Christians, we know that the wrath of God has been satisfied by His one and only Son?  What is man?  I believe he is the luckiest creature on earth.  Let’s pray the same for James.


Pastor David Hook

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