Jan 18, 2011

When evil strikes again...

Last Saturday the world was witness once again to evil. And let's not mince words here. The killing of six people, one a young girl of 9 by this young man is nothing less than evil.  But in all of the controversy of who or what to blame, let’s not be deceived.  This act was evil perpetrated by the King of Evil. This is his territory. This is what he looks forward to. This is what he enjoys.

The family and friends of these people will mourn for a long time over the loss of loved ones. Each time a congressman goes to a public event, a shopper passes by where the tragedy occurred, or a person simply acts strange, we all will be reminded once again that the world is not safe. There will be many who will feel guilt over what they could have done to prevent this tragedy. This will lead them into despair and the tentacles of evil will ensnare more into its grip. Yes, Evil exists.

And the impact of this event won't stop with the family, friends of this event. All of us are impacted because we too have seen or had a direct confrontation with evil. And when evil strikes, our own emotions rise up and we are reminded once again of the tragedies that have befallen us. We are reminded that ultimately the world is not safe. We are reminded once again that Evil truly exists.

But we will not be conquered by Evil. We are resurrection people. When Jesus breathed His last on Good Friday, Evil thought he'd won. But Jesus descended into Hell to conquer Evil. He then rose again on Easter Sunday to show the world that Evil will not triumph! It will strike all around us, but it will never claim us. We have been bought and purchased by the blood of Jesus and we are His. Evil may exist all around us, but Evil will not conquer us.

We can be confident that even now, God's Word is comforting those who despair. Even now, words of forgiveness, love and hope are being shared. The resurrection message that we celebrate will be shared to many who mourn. And it will bring healing, comfort, promise and forgiveness.  Because that is God's territory. That is what He enjoys.

Love conquers evil. Always. It conquered on Easter morning and it conquers today.


Pastor David Hook

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