Feb 1, 2011

A perfect loving relationship...

He looked adoringly into her perfectly formed deep brown eyes.  “I love you.  With all my heart.  I will never leave you”.  She sat there blank, motionless, staring off into space.  Perhaps she didn’t comprehend so he again repeated his undying love.  Again there was no response.  Except this time he had a feeling that she knew and understood.  A moody girlfriend?  Not this time?  A coma patient?  Possibly.  A strange new relationship revealed on National Geographic Channel?  Yep!

In the documentary series, Taboo, the National Geographic Channel has searched the world for strange and bizarre behaviors.  I have never seen the show and don’t intend to watch it, but a recent commercial really piqued my interest.  The 30 second commercial shows a man in his late 20s or early 30s eating breakfast across from the love of his life.  But she is unresponsive.  Of course she’s unresponsive.  She’s a mannequin for crying out loud!  A later clip shows him watching television while holding her hand. 

I suppose one could spend a lifetime psychoanalyzing this relationship.  Perhaps the young man once was scarred by a very talkative girlfriend and now enjoys the peace and solemnity of a world-less night at home.  This strikes a chord with me.  I once dated a young girl in high school that talked non-stop.  I couldn’t get a word in at all.  I once just left her talking in the food court.  I think she is still there.

Or maybe he once experienced betrayal and is seeking a relationship with someone who won’t leave him.  Relationships can be tough. If one is constantly hurt in a relationship, one will begin to seek relationships that can’t harm anymore.  Humans have a “self-preservation” response.  A mannequin could fulfill this role.

Or maybe he is a control freak.  It’s hard for a mannequin to disobey.  I think likely he’s just a kook. Who knows.  What I can tell you is that this is one bizarre relationship.  …and I use relationship in the most abstract of terms.

But I can’t judge the guy too much.  After all, I wonder if the secular world looks at Christianity the same way.  We all gather together to worship and pray to a God who at times seems as distant as a Mannequin.  Yet our God became flesh and dwelt among us.  He taught, healed, died and rose again.  He did it to show that He is not distant, but active in each of our lives.  He came to show us what true love is all about, “I love you.  With all my heart.  I will never leave you”.  And He hasn’t.

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