Mar 3, 2011

Big Brother Watching You


“Forgive me Father, I have sinned.”

“Yes, you have. It's been 6 months 13 days 4 hours and 12 minutes since youy last confession. I calculate that you have sinned 1822 times for an average rate of 9.34 sins per day. You have reached the bronze level.”


Sound crazy? Well not when you consider that a confession app was released last month for the iPhone. An iPhone application, or “App” for short, is a computer program that people download to their smart phones. Today's iPhones are more powerful than mainframe computers from 10 years ago. Last month University of Notre Dame doctoral candidate Ryan Kreager developed an iPhone app called iConfess. It is a computer program to guide people through the confession process. It's fairly harmless.

But consider: This week a computer competed on jeopardy. The computer won. The sheer power of today’s computers is both amazing and frightening!

Come with me into the future. There are web cams everywhere. Video detection software is processing your every movement. Computer programs called worms work their way through the Internet to capture information about you. Don't believe it? This technology is available now. Try going to to see what knowledge is being accumulated about you!

When you add all of this together what do you end up with? A very powerful big brother watching over you. Surely the US government is using some of this power to profile and identify future threats to national security.

Imagine this power in the hands of the local police. Using technology similar to today's speeding cameras, it could automatically send you a ticket and deduct the fine from your bank account. There would be no way to avoid it either. An appeals judge would have all the evidence at his fingertips.

It may not be too long in the future before you can download an iPhone app that doesn't simply lead you through the confession process but also lists every sin that it has found that you have committed!

Here's the really, really scary thing. Computers have no grace. When you rack up too many points you could be deemed "incorrigible" and locked up.

But with all of that technology there is still a place where a whole network of computers cannot search: The human heart. Only God can peer into your soul.

And praise God for His grace. Jesus has redeemed us from every sin that we have ever committed. He has purged our record and wiped clean the hard drive so that no trace of sin can be found in us.


Pastor David hook


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