Mar 3, 2011


The ball started rolling down – ever gaining speed as the force of gravity pulled it faster and faster. But wait, there was something – or was it someone - in the way. Would he move in time? Sadly, no. He was not fast enough. The ball rolled him over like a freight train hitting a tumbleweed. A bad dream? Nope. An alternate scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” – no. Sixth grade boys being sixth grade boys? Absolutely.


The year was 1974. It was the decade of innocence. I listened to Donny and Marie Osmond, Captain and Tennille, and the Best of Bread as they led the top of the charts with their innocent songs about life and love. And the number one breakfast cereal? Freakies. It tasted a lot like Captain Crunch but it was Way More Better.


The marketing geniuses at Ralston created The Freakie Tree. The Freakie tree produced the breakfast cereal Freakies. The tree was inhabited by all the Freakies – Boss Moss, Hamhose, Gargle, Cowmumble, Grumble, Goody-Goody, and Snorkeldorf. Each specially-marked box of Freakies contained a Freakies Character. As a twelve-year old boy my nerdy friends and I created a whole action-packed adventure with these Freakies.


One particularly strong memory was creating a Freakie Maze. Back in sixth grade our school desks had a writing surface lid that opened up to store books and supplies. But sometimes at recess we pulled everything out of our desk and created a marble maze. This was done by using paper, rulers, and whatever else we could find. We would then roll the marble down the maze until it dropped out of the hole at the bottom of the desk. We would then place these little Freakies rubber characters in the path of the marble and watch them get rolled over. Oh what fun.


Maybe I remember this so strongly because it was the last gasps of innocence. By seventh grade playing with marbles and Freakies would be UnCool. (For all youth reading this notice that I did not once use the words computer or internet. )


I picture heaven as being a place of innocence. A place where we can enjoy the company of friends and play silly games completely oblivious to what others may think. There will be no teasing or bullying because we’ll be in the presence and protection of The King of Kings.




Pastor David Hook



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