Apr 17, 2011

One Ringy Dingy

As I hung up the phone I paused and contemplated.  Perhaps I should reconsider my decision.  When we make bold decisions, we often find ourselves second-guessing them.  That’s the nature of radical change.   Although this change isn’t all that radical, it would create a whole new paradigm for the Hook family.

It all started because over the last few years I have begun to notice something:  I rarely receive phone calls on our home phone.  When I was a kid, we received dozens of phone calls a day.  That was because we had a family of nine and we had to take turns to use the phone.  But lately, it seems that the only people who call the home phone are salesmen.

Since I have placed my home phone number on the “No Call List” you would assume that I would not receive sales calls.  But you would be wrong.  Apparently my bank has special privileges.  I get one or two phone calls a week from Bank of America asking me to join in a special deal.  Almost all the phone calls on our home phone are from salesmen.

So awhile back, a strange and bold thought entered my head.  What would happen if I got rid of the home telephone number?  Would anyone even notice?  Would anyone

even care?  So over the last month I have been monitoring the home telephone usage.  Sure enough, really the only ones who call us on the home phone are salesmen.

But Cox Cable is smart.  You see, we have phone, internet and cable through them.  It is a package deal and it is really low-priced.  When I called them to discuss eliminating the home phone they laughed.  Apparently eliminating the home phone would remove the bundled price and we would be forced to purchase using the a la carte price.  In that scenario, eliminating the home phone would increase our monthly bill.

Oh well.  I realized that a home phone does have some benefit.  Salesmen will always find me.  If the only phone number I gave people was the cell phone, they’d find me there.  Perhaps I should consider the home phone as the sacrificial salesmen firewall.

I’m glad God doesn’t have a firewall.  He loves to get phone calls any time of day or night.  He always answers.  He has never disconnected the line.  He never screens His calls.  And unlike my home phone, His Sacrificial Firewall allows calls through.


Pastor David Hook


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