Apr 20, 2011

To Be Doted On

I can’t wait to have grandchildren. Well, actually, I can wait. But when and if they arrive I will dote on them constantly. It’s a grandparent’s right to spoil a little bit now and then. None of my grandchildren will want for chocolate – that’s for sure.

Jennifer and I strove to be perfect parents. Our first self-proclaimed excellence in parenting decision was that we wouldn’t let our girls play with Barbies. And our oldest – Kyrie? What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Until grandma came along. She overruled our no-Barbie canard and purchased several. By the time our girls stopped playing with Barbies we must have gone through hundreds. It didn’t kill them or warp their sense of self worth.

John, on the other hand, didn’t want Barbies. He wanted a Nintendo Gameboy. Jennifer and I weren’t going to go down that path. I know too many young men who waste their lives away playing video games. But Grandma would have none of it. On a week trip to Grandma’s house, John got his wish and came back with a Gameboy. Only time will tell if that first Gameboy started our son down the evil path of video games. But he sure has enjoyed them.

I used to spend my whole summers at my grandparent’s house in Glendale, Arizona. They lived in a two-story Victorian house near the railroad tracks. And even though my grandmother provided for me in every way, I still tried to get more out of her. I remember once complaining to my own parents that Grandma was trying to starve me.

“Why”, they asked?

“Because she’s trying to force me to eat eggs and bacon instead of breakfast cereal”, I answered.

My grandmother always got a kick out of telling that story. In the end, she let me eat cereal. She was really good at doting on me. The real kicker is that my favorite meal today is eggs and bacon.

Grandma died this week. She was ninety five. I saw her at Christmas and she was as sharp as a tack. But her body finally gave out. She’ll have real fun in heaven. Instead of being the one who dotes on others, Jesus will dote on her. Because Jesus loved my grandmother and she loved Him. Have fun Grandma. We miss you.


Pastor David Hook

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